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SPARC class ICs
SPARC information
 (Scalable Processor ARChitecture)
 is an open set of technical specifications
 that any person or company can license
 and use to develop microprocessors and
other semiconductor devices based on published industry standards.

SPARC was invented in the labs of Sun Microsystems Inc., based upon pioneering research into Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) at the University of California at Berkeley. The first standard product based on the SPARC architecture was produced by Sun and Fujitsu in 1986; Sun followed in 1987 with its first workstation based on a SPARC processor.

In 1989, Sun Microsystems transferred ownership of the SPARC specifications to an independent, non-profit organization, SPARC International, which administers and licenses the technology and provides compliance testing and other services for its members.

As an open architecture, the SPARC specifications have been refreshed with advanced technologies, evolving to SPARC Version 9. All versions of the architecture are available today.

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43 SPARC chips in collection: show thumbnails
   SPARC CY7C601-40GC
   SPARC CY7C601-40
   SPARC FPU CY7C602-40
   SPARC MB86900
   SPARC MB86902
   SPARC MB86903-40
   SPARClite MB86831
   SPARC64-GP SFCB81147C 450 MHz
   SPARC64-GP SFCB81147FP 560 MHz
 LSI Logic
   SPARC L1A3761 100-1808-01
   SPARC S1A0007 100-1808-02
   SPARC S1C0010 100-2921-01
   SPARC L64811GC-40S
 Sun Microsystems
   SuperSPARC TMX390Z50GF-40
   SuperSPARC TMX390Z52GF STP1020APGA-60
  microSPARC II
   microSPARC II STP 1012, 70 MHz
   microSPARC II STP 1012A, 85 MHz
   microSPARC II STP 1012, 110 MHz
   SuperSPARC II STP 1021APGA, 85 MHz
   UltraSPARC STP 1030, 143 MHz
   UltraSPARC STP 1030, 200 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1031, 250 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1031, 250 MHz (w/ Bolts)
   UltraSPARC II STP 1031, 300 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1031, 336 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1032, 400 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1032A, 400 MHz
   UltraSPARC II STP 1032A, 450 MHz
  UltraSPARC IIi
   UltraSPARC IIi SME 1040, 333 MHz
   UltraSPARC IIi SME 1430, 360 MHz
   UltraSPARC IIi SME 1430, 440 MHz
  UltraSPARC IIe
   UltraSPARC IIe SME 1701, 400 MHz
   UltraSPARC IIe SME 1701, 500 MHz
   UltraSPARC III SME 1052A
   UltraSPARC III SME 1052B, 900 MHz
   UltraSPARC III SME 1052B, 1015 MHz
 Texas Instruments
   SPARC 8701
   SPARC FPU 3170 020-GCD
   SPARC FPU 3170 025-GCD
   SPARC FPU 3172A 025-GCD