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686 class ICs
686 information
The Intel Pentium Pro was introduced in 1995 as the successor to the Pentium. It was the first mainstream CPU to radically change how it executes instructions, by translating them into RISC-like microinstructions and executing these on a highly advanced internal core (the Nexgen Nx586 processor was actually the first x86 CPU to use this design).

The Pentium Pro achieves performance about 50% higher than a Pentium of the same clock speed. It was typically used as a server CPU for Windows NT servers - because of its high 32 bit optimization ist was comparably slow with desktop operating systems.

The architecture of the Cyrix 6x86 incorporating most of the features of the Pentium Pro. Its FPU though is considerably less efficient than Intel's. In general practice (with 16 bit applications) 6x86s were faster than Pentium Pro CPUs. ST and IBM 6x86s are licensed Cyrix 6x86s.

The AMD K6 was built around the original NexGen Nx686 core which was inherited by AMD when it bought NexGen in 1996. This allowed AMD to recover after its problems with its own K5 processor and inital difficulties in the development of its "in house" K6 design. NexGen had developed a powerful RISC processor core which gave the chip impressive sixth generation performance. AMD enhanced this design by the addition of Intel's MMX instructions. The K6 also was optimized for 16 bit code.

For more Information on x86 processors please refer to the x86 processor FAQ.
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202 686 chips in collection: show thumbnails
   AMD-K6-166ALR, Early Version
   AMD-K6-166ALR, Engraved Logo
   AMD-K6-200ALR, 'K6' Logo
   AMD-K6-233ANR, 'K6' Logo
   AMD-K6-2/266AFR, Printed Logo
   Athlon K7500MTR51B C
   Athlon K7550MTR51B C
   Athlon K7650MTR51B C
   Athlon K7600MTR51B A
   Athlon K7700MTR51B A
   Athlon K7750MTR52B A
   Athlon K7800MPR52B A
   Athlon K7850MPR52B A
   Athlon A0700MPR24B A
   Athlon A0700APT3B
   Athlon A0850AMT3B
   Athlon A0900AMT3B
   Athlon A1000AMT3B
   Athlon A1100AMS3B
   Athlon A1200AMS3C
   Athlon A1300AMS3B
   Athlon A1333AMS3C
   Athlon A1400AMS3C
   Athlon XP 1500+ AX1500DMT3C
   Athlon XP 1600+ AX1600DMT3C
   Athlon XP 1800+ AX1800DMT3C
   Duron D600AUT1B
   Duron D650AUT1B
   Duron D700AUT1B
   Duron D750AUT1B
   Duron D800AUT1B
   Duron D850AUT1B
   Duron D900AUT1B
   Duron DHD1000AMT1B
   Duron DHD1100AMT1B
   Duron DHD1300AMT1B
   6x86-P150+GP, no Voltage Markings
   6x86-P150+GP w/ Capacitors
   6x86-P166+GP 3.53V
   6x86L-PR200+GP, Variant
   6x86MX-PR200, 75 MHz Bus
   6x86MX-PR200, 66 MHz Bus
  M II
   M II-233GP, 66 MHz Bus, Dark
   M II-266GP, 66 MHz Bus
   M II-300GP, 66 MHz Bus
   M II-300GP, 66 MHz Bus, Dark
   M II-300GP, 75 MHz Bus
   M II-333GP, 66 MHz Bus, Silver
   M II-333GP, 75 MHz Bus
   M II-333GP, 83 MHz Bus, Engineering Sample
   M II-366GP, 100 MHz Bus
   M II-400GP, 95 MHz Bus
   Gx86 GX-133BP
   MediaGX GX-120BP
   MediaGX GX-133BP
   MediaGX GX-150BP
   MediaGX GXI-166BP
   MediaGX GXI-180BP
   MediaGX GXI-180BP (silver)
   MediaGX GXm-233BP
   MediaGX GXm-266BP
   MediaGX GXm-180GP
   MediaGX GXm-200GP
   MediaGX GXm-200GP 85C
   MediaGX GXm-233GP
   MediaGX GXm-266GP
   6x86 w/o P-Rating
   6x86 P120+
   6x86 P150+
   6x86 P166+
   6x86 P166+, 3.5V
   6x86 P200+
   6x86L P150+
   6x86L PR166+
   6x86L PR200+
   6x86MX PR166, 66 MHz Bus
   6x86MX PR200, 66 MHz Bus
   6x86MX PR233, 75 MHz Bus
   6x86MX PR300, 75 MHz Bus
   6x86MX PR300, 66 MHz Bus, black
  Pentium Pro
   Pentium Pro KB80521EX150, 150 MHz, 256 KB Cache
   Pentium Pro KB80521EX166, 166 MHz, 512 KB Cache
   Pentium Pro KB80521EX180, 180 MHz, 256 KB Cache
   Pentium Pro KB80521EX200, 200 MHz, 256 KB Cache
   Pentium Pro KB80521EX200, 200 MHz, 512 KB Cache
   Pentium Pro GJ80521EX200, 200 MHz, 1MB Cache
  Pentium II
   Pentium II 80522PX233512, 233 MHz
   Pentium II 80522PX266512, 266 MHz
   Pentium II 80522PX300512EC, 300 MHz
   Pentium II 80523PX333512, 333 MHz
   Pentium II 80523PY350512PE, 350 MHz
   Pentium II 400/512/100/2.0V, 400 MHz
   Pentium II 233 MHz MMC-1
   Pentium II 266 MHz Mini-Cartridge, 512 KB cache
   Pentium II 300 MHz Mini-Cartridge, 512 KB cache
   Pentium II 266 MHz MMC-2, 512 KB cache on module
   Pentium II 300 MHz MMC-2, 512 KB cache on module
   Pentium II 300 MHz MMC-2, 256 KB on-die cache
   Pentium II 333 MHz MMC-2, 256 KB on-die cache
   Pentium II 400 MHz MMC-2, 256 KB on-die cache
   Mobile Pentium II KP 400/256
  P II Celeron
   Celeron 266 MHz, Engineering Sample
   Celeron 266 MHz
   Celeron 300 MHz
   Celeron 333 MHz
   Celeron 366 MHz
   Celeron FV524RX366
   Celeron FV524RX400
   Celeron FV524RX433
   Celeron FV524RX466
   Celeron FV524RX500
   Celeron FV524RX533
   Celeron 400 MHz MMC-2, 128 KB on-die cache
   Mobile Celeron KP 400/128
  P II Xeon
   Pentium II Xeon 400 MHz / 512 KB
   Pentium II Xeon 400 MHz / 1MB
   Pentium II Xeon 450 MHz / 1MB
  Pentium III
   Pentium III A80525 450 MHz
   Pentium III A80525 500 MHz
   Pentium III A80525 550 MHz
   Pentium III 550 - RB80526PY550256
   Pentium III 600E/256/100/1.65V
   Pentium III 650/256/100/1.65V
   Pentium III 667/256/133/1.65V
   Pentium III 667 - RB80526PZ667256
   Pentium III 700/256/100/1.65V
   Pentium III 700 - RB80526PY700256
   Pentium III 733/256/133/1.7V
   Pentium III KC 733/128 (Xbox CPU)
   Pentium III 800/256/100/1.65V
   Pentium III 800/256/133/1.7V
   Pentium III 866/256/133/1.7V
   Pentium III 900/256/100/1.7V
   Pentium III 1100/256/100/1.75V
   Pentium III-S 1133/512/133/1.45V
   Mobile Pentium III KP 650/256
   Mobile Pentium III KP 800/256
  P III Celeron
   Celeron 600/128/66/1.7V
   Celeron 633/128/66/1.7V
   Celeron 700/128/66/1.7V
   Celeron 733/128/66/1.75V
   Celeron 950/128/100/1.75V
   Celeron 1000A/256/100/1.475
   Celeron 1100/128/100/1.75V
   Mobile Celeron KP 600/128
   Mobile Celeron KP 650/128
  P III Xeon
   Pentium III Xeon 80525KY500512, Engineering Sample
   Pentium III Xeon 550/100/512
   Pentium III Xeon 80525KY5001M, Engineering Sample
   Pentium III Xeon 600/133/256
   Pentium III Xeon 667/133/256
   Pentium III Xeon 80526KZ800256, Engineering Sample
  P II OverDrive
   Pentium II OverDrive PODP66X333
   ST6x86-P166+ w/o Cyrix Logo
  Cyrix III/C3
   Cyrix III-466 MHz
   Cyrix III-500 MHz
   Cyrix III-533 MHz
   Cyrix III-550 MHz
   Cyrix III-600 MHz
   Cyrix III-667 MHz
   Cyrix III-700 MHz
   Cyrix III-750A MHz, Engineering Sample
   C3-733 MHz
   C3-750A MHz, Engineering Sample
   C3 800 MHz
   C3-800 MHz (PGA)
   C3-866 MHz (PGA)