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PowerPC class ICs
PowerPC information
 is a RISC microprocessor architecture created by the 1991 Apple-IBM-Motorola alliance (AIM).

'Power' (Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC) and was adopted from IBM's POWER architecture from their RS/6000 series.

The PowerPC is designed along RISC principles, and allows for a superscalar implementation. Versions of the design exist in both 32-bit and 64-bit implementations. Starting with the basic POWER specification, the PowerPC added:
  • big or little-endian modes (requiring a reset)
  • single-precision floating point in addition to double-precision
  • additional floating point instructions at the behest of Apple
  • a complete 64-bit specification, which is backward compatible with the 32-bit mode
  • removal of some of the more esoteric POWER instructions, which are emulated in microcode
The first single-chip implementation of the design was the MCP601 and released in Apple's PowerMac in March 1994.
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39 PowerPC chips in collection: show thumbnails
   PowerPC 601, PPC601FD-080-2
   PowerPC 601v, PPCA601v5FC1002
   PowerPC 601v, PPCA601v5FE1002
   PowerPC 603ev, PPC603evFB180r
   PowerPC 603ev, PPC603evBB200r
   PowerPC 603ev, PPC603evFB200r
   PowerPC 603e2, PPC603e2BA240r
   PowerPC 403GC, PPC 403GC-JA33C1
   PowerPC 604, PPCA604FC1202PQ
   PowerPC 604, PPCA604BC120C
   PowerPC 604, PPCA604BE133aC
   PowerPC 604, PPCA604BE133aCPQ
   PowerPC 604e, XPPC604eBC166aC relabeled
   PowerPC 604e, PPC604e2BE233eE
   PowerPC 604e, PPC604e2PE233dE
   PowerPC 750 (G3), PPC750--DB0M266
   PowerPC 750 (G3), PPC750--EB0M266
   PowerPC 750 (G3), PPC750--EB5M300
   PowerPC 750 (G3), PPC750L-EB0A450
   PowerPC 750 (G3), PPC750FX-680533T
   PowerPC 603, XPC603EFE117MJ
   PowerPC 603, XPC603PRX166LC
   PowerPC 603, XPC603RRX200LC
   PowerPC 603, XPC603PRX200LE
   PowerPC 603, XPC603PRX240LD
   PowerPC 603, XPC603RRX250LC
   PowerPC 604e, XPC604ERX166PD
   PowerPC 604e, XPC604ERX200PE
   PowerPC 604e, XPC604RRX300QB
   PowerPC 740 (G3), XPC740PRX300LE
   PowerPC 750 (G3), XPC750ARX233PE
   PowerPC 750 (G3), XPC750ARX233PE (variant)
   PowerPC 750 (G3), XPC750ARX266PE
   PowerPC 750 (G3), XPC750ARX266PE (variant)
   PowerPC 750 (G3), XPC750PRX300PB
   PowerPC 750 (G3), XPC750PRX300RB
   PowerPC 7400 (G4), XPC7400 RX400TK
   PowerPC 7410 (G4), MPC7410 HX500LE
   PowerPC 860, XPC860MHZP50C1