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MCS-51 (8051) class ICs
MCS-51 (8051) information
The MCS-51 Family, introduced in 1980, includes 2 timers and 4 ports as well as 128bytes or more of on board RAM. The 51 is one of the most popular MCUs on the market. It is now being made in speeds of up to 100MHz by SiLabs, while Intel continues to make them up to 33MHz.
The standard MCS-51 instruction set has 111 instructions with 64 of them executing in a single cycle. They can support up to 64k of external prgram, and 54k of external memory space.
The MCS-51 family is now made by dozens of companies, with many different features. There are over 1000 versions of the 8051 core.
The Intel 8xC251TB/TQ and 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ are based on the new high performance MCS 251 micro-controller architecture. Being members of the MCS 251 microcontroller family, the 8xC251TB/TQ and 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ have the same advanced register based CPU architecture and a pipelined instruction execution unit. They use the powerful MCS 251 microcontroller instruction set, with many enhanced 8, 16 and 32-bit instructions available. The new microcontrollers are also specially designed to execute C code efficiently. Most importantly, the 8xC251TB/TQ and 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ are binary code and pin compatible with the existing MCS 51 microcontrollers. They represent the easiest way to upgrade performance of existing MCS 51 microcontroller applications, delivering up to 15 times the performance.
Device RAM (bytes) ROM (bytes) Speed Timers Ports
8031 128 - 12MHz 2 4x8
8032 256 - 12MHz 2 4x8
8044* 192 4096 12MHz 2 4x8
8051 128 4096 12MHz 2 4x8
8052 256 8192 24MHz 2 4x8
8054 256 16K 24MHz 3 4x8
8058 256 32K 33MHz 3 4x8
8x251SA 1k 8k 16MHz 3 32
8x251SB 1k 16k 16MHz 3 32
8x251SP 512 8k 16MHz 3 32
8x251SQ 512 16k 16MHz 3 32
8x251TB 1K 16k 24MHz 3 32
8251TQ 512 - 24MHz 3 32
USB Equipped MCS-251
80930Ax 512-1024 - 12MHz
83930Ax 512-1024 8-16K 12MHz
* 8044 Includes a high-speed serial interface.

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