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1997: DEC
  week 14, 1997: DEC Alpha AXP 21-43918-45 (21164-P8, 533 MHz)
  week 43, 1997: DEC StrongARM SA-110S
  week 47, 1997: DEC Alpha AXP 211PC-03 (21164PC, 533 MHz)
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DEC Alpha AXP 21-43918-45 (21164-P8, 533 MHz)
DEC Alpha AXP 21-43918-45 (21164-P8, 533 MHz) Top Side DEC 1026J H 9714
(C) (M) DEC 1995
21164-P8 533
DEC Alpha AXP 21-43918-45 (21164-P8, 533 MHz) Back Side
The P8-version of the 21164 Alpha processor is designed for Windows NT desktop PCs and workstations.
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Core Frequency:533 MHz
Data bus (ext.):64 Bit
Address bus:64 Bit
Circuit Size:0.35
Core / I/O Voltage:2.0 / 3.3 V
Manufactured:week 14/1997
L1 Cache:8+8 KB
L2 Cache:96 KB
CPU Code:EV56
Package Type:Ceramic
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DEC StrongARM SA-110S
DEC StrongARM SA-110S Top Side
(c) DEC 1995 DC1035
JD2215 A9743
ARM 233
DEC StrongARM SA-110S Back Side
A 32-bit RISC microprocessor featuring superior power efficiency, low cost, and high performance. The SA-110 is an implementation of Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. (ARM) Version 4 architecture. It is intended for embedded applications like handheld computers (PDAs), high-bandwidth network switching, storage systems and remote access devices. It was used as a CPU in Apple's Newton MessagePad 2000 series (162 MHz version) and Psion organizers and controlled several RAID controllers by Adaptec or Mylex. For more information please refer to the DEC technical reference (pdf).
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Core Frequency:233 MHz
Data bus (ext.):32 Bit
Address bus:32 Bit
Circuit Size:0.35
Manufactured:week 43/1997
L1 Cache:16+16 KB
Package Type:Plastic
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DEC Alpha AXP 211PC-03 (21164PC, 533 MHz)
DEC Alpha AXP 211PC-03 (21164PC, 533 MHz) Top Side
DIGITAL Semiconductor
(C)(M) DEC 1997 1039E
JD2258 H 9747
21164PC 533
DEC Alpha AXP 211PC-03 (21164PC, 533 MHz) Back Side
The Alpha 21164PC is much like the Alpha 21164, with no L2 cache on board, and an additional 8K of instruction cache to keep costs down, and performance adequate. It was created to be a volume processor for workstations, but never really sold in any great numbers due to the weak L1 cache.
References: Alpha Arrives at the Desktop Alpha 21164PC announcement  Data Sheet
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Core Frequency:533 MHz
Data bus (ext.):64 Bit
Address bus:64 Bit
Circuit Size:0.35
Core / I/O Voltage:2.5 / 3.3 V
Introduced:March 17, 1997
Manufactured:week 47/1997
L1 Cache:16+8 KB
L2 Cache:4 MB ext.
CPU Code:PCA56
Package Type:Ceramic
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