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LSI Logic
Corporate information

LSI Logic was founded in Milpitas, CA by Wilfred Corrigan in 1981 after he left an executive position with Fairchild Semiconductor. The company is often recognized as a pioneer of the ASIC market and in 2006 celebrated their 25th year of business. When LSI Logic was started with $6 million of venture capital they utilized excess capacity at Toshiba for manufacturing, an early example of the fabless semiconductor manufacturing model.

LSI Logic offers three enabling system-on-a-chip technologies — standard-cell ASICs, Platform ASICs, and standard products—as well as host bus adapters and supporting software.

LSI Logic holds a portfolio of intellectual property (IP) building blocks, design methodology and employs more than 2,000 engineers.
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5 LSI Logic chips in collection: show thumbnails
   SPARC L1A3761 100-1808-01
   SPARC S1A0007 100-1808-02
   SPARC S1C0010 100-2921-01
   SPARC L64811GC-40S
 R3000 RWB
   R3000 RWB LR3220GC-25