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Corporate information

Harris Semiconductor manufactured discrete semiconductors and integrated circuits. The company's broad portfolio of products served many market segments: automotive, industrial, PC computing, wireless networking, signal processing, telecommunications, PC multimedia, consumer electronics, defense and space.

On August 1999 Harris sold it's Semiconductor Corporation under the name Intersil. Not all of Harris' semiconductors went with Intersil - Harris' CMOS logic families of parts were sold to Texas Instruments.

Chip markings:

Comment by Paul Collins (pi314aussie[att]
I use a Harris in my 286 -20 system right now today! My m/board is a 20, but I clocked it at 25 for years, then slowed it a little, to 22.45. (With a 44.900MHz crystal rock, that I filched from a VGA video card). The Harris CPU runs fine. However, I never got around to buying a genuine 25 chip, even though our shop sold them. Who has seen a Harris 286 -25MHz??? When we sold them, we also sold 486 -33MHz systems too, so that shows how "late" they came out with 286 -20.
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