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Eastern Bloc
Eastern Bloc chips information

During the Cold War, the Eastern Bloc (or Soviet Bloc) comprised the following Central and Eastern European countries:
  • Albania
  • Bulgaria
  • Czechoslovakia (CSSR, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic)
  • East Germany (GDR, German Democratic Republic)
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Soviet Union (USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
The Eastern Bloc came to an end with the collapse of the pro-Soviet regimes in Eastern Europe in 1989.
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13 Eastern Bloc chips in collection: show thumbnails
   8008 VEB Funkwerk Erfurt U808D (GDR)
   Tesla MHB8080A (CSSR)
   8080 UNITRA CEMI MCY 7880 (Poland)
   8080 KP580BM80A (USSR)
 8080 peripheral
   8080 peripheral KP580BB55A (USSR)
   KM1810BM86 (USSR)
   KP1810BM86 (USSR)
   Z80 FWE U880D (GDR)
   Z80 MME UA880D (GDR)
   Z80 MME UB880D (GDR)
   Z80 MME VB880D (GDR)