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Corporate information

Formerly SGS-Thomson, STMicroelectronics (abbreviated to ST in microchip designations) is a manufacturer of a wide variety of ICs and chipsets designed for GPS receivers, DBS receivers and DVD players, and biometric identification systems, among others. They manufacture the optical mouse sensors used in Microsoft's IntelliMouse optical mice.

The ST group was formed in June 1987 as a result of the merger between SGS Microelettronica of Italy and Thomson Semiconducteurs of France. In May 1998, the company changed its name from SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics to STMicroelectronics.

Chip markings:
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 486 DX
   ST486 DX-40
   ST486 DX2-50
   ST486 DX2-66
   ST486 DX2-66GS
   ST486 DX2-66GS, Variant
   ST486 DX2-80
   ST486 DX2-80GS
   ST486 DX4V100
   ST486 DX4-100
   ST6x86-P166+ w/o Cyrix Logo