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586 class ICs
586 information
The successor to the 486. It has two 32-bit 486-type integer pipelines with dependency checking and can execute a maximum of two instructions per cycle. It does pipelined floating-point and performs branch prediction. It has 16 kilobytes of on-chip cache, a 64-bit memory interface, 8 32-bit general-purpose registers and 8 80-bit floating-point registers.

Intel called its 586 processor "Pentium" because a US court ruled that you can't trademark a number.

Cyrix made hybrid 486/586 CPUs (Cxrix 5x86) with Pentium core and 486 pinout.

For more Information on x86 processors please refer to the x86 processor FAQ.
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80 586 chips in collection: show thumbnails
   AMD5k86-P75 SSA/5-75ABR
   AMD5k86-P90 SSA/5-90ABQ
   AMD-K5-PR75ABR Goldcap
   AMD-K5-PR100ABQ Goldcap
   5x86-100GP w/ Cooler
   5x86-100GP (026-3.6V)
   5x86-100GP (030-3.45V)
   5x86-3V3 100HF
   WinChip C6-PSMF200GA
  Pentium P5
   Pentium A80501-60
   Pentium A80501-60 Goldcap, 'Processor'-Marking
   Pentium A80501-60 Goldcap
   Pentium A80501-66 Goldcap
  Pentium P54
   Pentium A80502-75 Goldcap
   Pentium A80502-75
   Pentium A8050275
   Pentium A80502-90 Goldcap
   Pentium A80502-90
   Pentium A80502-100 Goldcap
   Pentium A80502-100
   Pentium A80502100
   Pentium A80502120
   Pentium A80502-133
   Pentium A80502133
   Pentium A80502150
   Pentium A80502166
   Pentium FV80502166
   Pentium FV80502200
   Boxed Pentium BP80502150
   Mobile Pentium A80502100
   Mobile Pentium A80502120, 3.1V
   Mobile Pentium A80502120, 3.3V
   Pentium PP133 Tape Carrier
   Pentium TT80502-75
   Pentium TT80502-75 (relabeled)
   Pentium TT8050290
   Pentium TT80502100
   Pentium PP100 Mobile Module
   Pentium PP120 Mobile Module
   Pentium PP133 Mobile Module
   Pentium PP133 Mobile Module, variant
   Pentium PP150 Mobile Module
  Pentium MMX
   Pentium MMX A80503166
   Pentium MMX FV80503166
   Pentium MMX A80503200
   Pentium MMX FV80503200
   Pentium MMX FV80503233
   Pentium MMX Tillamook-300M (fake)
   Mobile Pentium MMX FV80503133
   Pentium MMX TT80503150 MMC-1
   Pentium MMX TT80503166 Mobile Module
   Pentium MMX TT200 Tillamook MMC-1
   Pentium MMX TT233 Tillamook MMC-1
   Pentium MMX TT266 Tillamook MMC-1
  Pentium OverDrive
   Pentium OverDrive PODP5V63
   Pentium OverDrive PODP5V83
   Pentium OverDrive PODP5V133
   Pentium OverDrive PODP3V125
   Pentium OverDrive PODP3V150
   Pentium OverDrive PODP3V166
   Pentium MMX OverDrive PODPMT66X166
   Pentium MMX OverDrive PODPMT60X180
   Pentium MMX OverDrive PODPMT66X200