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  Eastern Bloc DEC PDP ZMD U830Cm (GDR) [flip chip]   []   []   [hide data]   [close image viewer]  
An 8-bit slice processor for an East German PDP-11 clone. The chip was made by ZMD (Zentrum für Mikroelektronik Dresden) and used in SKR K 1600 (K1610/K1620/K1630) machines. If you got some information on this processor please contact me

Comment by Andrew Suvorow (suvorow1[at]
There were several PDP-11 clones made in Zelenograd near Moscow. Both multi-chip and, later, single chip versions.
Most quantities were 1801VM1 and 1801VM2. Second was much faster (over 10 MHz clock frequency). Both did not have extended addressing and were limited to 64k bytes address space. Later 1801VM3 appeared, containing 22 address extension much like PDP-11/70, but slightly different so original DEC programs could work with only 18 bit (256 kbyte).
These three CPU were not copy of any real chip from DEC. But there was another 5 chip CPU clone of DEC Professional 350. This model was cloned incredibly close, and called "Electronica 85".

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Address bus:8 Bit
Manufactured: July 1986
Made in:East Germany
Package Type:Ceramic
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