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Some 386DX 16MHz Intel processors had a small bug which appeared as a software problem. The bug involved occurred when running true 32-bit code in a program such as within OS/2 2.x, UNIX/386, or Windows in Enhanced mode. The bug would cause the system to lock up and is a difficult issue to determine without having Intel actually look at the chip. Chips that passed the test, and all subsequent chips which were bug-free, were marked with a double-sigma symbol. 386DX chips that are not marked with these symbols may have not been tested by Intel and may be defective.

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Chips having an 'IV' marking also don't have this bug.

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Core Frequency:16 MHz
Board Frequency:16 MHz
Data bus (ext.):32 Bit
Address bus:32 Bit
Circuit Size:1.50
Voltage:5 V
Introduced:October 17, 1985
Manufactured:week 11/1988
Made in:Malaysia
CPU Code:i386 DX
Package Type:Ceramic
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